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Level 1 | Starting at $175

Nothing basic about this service! A good hand wash , clay bar and sealant will have your car shining!


Required Time - 4 to 6 Hours

Surface Defects Will Remain             


○ Hand Wash With PH Balanced Soap

○ Clay Bar Treatment For Smooth Paint
○ Door Jambs Wiped Down
○ Paint Sealant Applied To Protect Finish
○ Wheels & Tires Cleaned & Dressed
○ Interior Vacuum
○ Interior Wiped Down
○ Windows Cleaned

​○ No paint correction will be achieved. Paint will be protected but surface imperfections will remain

* Prices subjected to vehicle inspection 

** Additional charges for pet hair, sand and other debris


Full Sanitation & Disinfecting service included at no
additional cost!
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