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Level 3 | Starting at $325

This package is designed for the demanding vehicle owner looking to bring back the life in their vehicle, if you're planning on selling or if it's time to bring back your leased vehicle. Vehicle will be returned to like new condition.  This is also a popular package for anyone planning on entering their vehicle in a car show or getting some attention at a local meet.

Required Time - 2 to 3 days

30 % of Surface Defects Will Remain    

○ Hand Wash With PH Balanced Soap

○ Complete Exterior And Glass Clay Bar Treatment
○ Hand Wash Again To Remove Any Residue
○ Two stage correction will be performed to remove holograms, swirl marks, light etching and scratches. 

   (some defects will remain)  (Paint Correction Is Available)  
○ Paint Sealant Applied To Protect Exterior Surfaces
○ Wheels Deep Cleaned & Sealant Applied
○ Tires Cleaned & Dressed
○ All Exterior Rubber Cleaned & Dressed
○ Wheel Well Cleaned & Dressed
○ Exterior Chrome Cleaned & Polished
○ Full Trunk Detailing Including Spare Tire
○ Engine Bay Mini Detailing
○ Vacuuming & Cleaning Of Carpeted Floor-mats
○ Steam Cleaning Of Interior Surfaces
○ All Interior Rubber Cleaned & Dressed
○ All Interior Glass Cleaned & Polished
○ All Leather Area's Cleaned & Conditioned
○ Instrument Panel, Navigation Screen & Mirrors Cleaned & Polished
○ Application Of Rain Repellent Applied To All Glass
○ All Locks & Hinges Cleaned & Lubricated

○ Headlight restoration for an additional $50 



* Prices subjected to vehicle inspection 


Full Sanitation & Disinfecting service included at no
additional cost !
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