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Dealer Services


Detail Johnny has been working with some of Central New York's largest Auto Dealerships and we are commited to helping dealers achieve maximum value on each vehicle we recondition for presale and post sale delivery. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss having Detail Johnny services your automobile inventory. We offer 30 day payment terms with no interest as well as easy payment plans. Our service is available around the clock, 24 / 7. Fleet, commercial, heavy equipment, motorhomes, trailers, boats and aircraft are all welcome.  We also offer in house detailing, detailing supplies, training and logistic service.

Detail Johnny is fully bonded & insured.


Some of our Dealer & Event Services include The Syracuse Auto Expo, New York Farm Show, Chrysler 200 Ride & Drive Event, Ford Go Further Ride & Drive Experience, Camp Jeep Ride & Drive, Ford Truck EcoBoost Challenge Event and many more.


Complete Reconditioning


Wash exterior, engine compartment, door jams, wheels & tires. Remove bugs, tar etc. Two stage paint correction to remove swirls, holograms & light scratches, dress moldings & rubber. Vacuum upholstery, shampoo fabric, clean & dress vinyl and/or leather. Clean windows inside & out, remove stickers, clean rear hatch / trunk including spare tire area. Seats may be removed in order to properly detail interior surfaces. The goal is to present the vehicle in like new condition.



New Car Delivery


Wash exterior, clean wheels & tires, remove tape marks, dress tires, single stage paint correction, paint sealant applied, apply promotional plates & stickers. Vacuum upholstry, carpets, and trunk, remove plastic, place new mats down, clean glass inside and out. Address any overspray, orange peel or paint contamination. Will address any surface defects and will correct accordingly.



Used Car Delivery | Mini Reconditioning


Wash exterior, clean wheels & dress tires, clay bar treatment, single stage paint correction, application of paint sealant, dress moldings & rubber. Complete interior detailing, shampoo & vacuum upholstery, spot treatment of stains, trunk, clean and engine bay detailing.



Paint Correction 


An aggressive cutting compound that will remove medium to light scratches, then we use a high speed polish to restore the vehicle to show room condition. Also know as paint reconditioning. Includes application of paint sealant.



Paint Coatings & Paint Protection Films:

One of our more sucsessful dealer offered services is our paint coating and paint protection films. This value added service help protect the vehicle finish and is a great way to increase profit on each vehicle sale. Let us show you how this can increase your overall profit on each vehicle sold. Click here for more information on paint coatings, glass coatings and fabric protectant coatings.


Paint Coatings:

Todays modern paint coatings is the most exclusive surface protection available. Designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other. Resists dirt, dust and winter salt. An important features in keeping your vehicle clean is the ability of the protective layer to release water by low sliding angle which allows water drops to release, causing a hydrophobic "self-cleaning" affect. Utilizing a proprietary condensed nanotech material, adds a measurable 2~3µm tough, rich, high gloss "glass" layer, which protects the surface beneath and resists dirt, brake dust, bugs, bird droppings &  other conditions for a minimum of two years. With a 6 month or yearly maintance programs, paint coatings can last the vehicles lifetime.


Paint Protection Films:

To protect your new paint or your newly coating paint, our paint protection films add a layer of protection to all painted surfaces,  To protect your car's paint, a  clear bra gives your vehicle an invisible layer of protection from rocks, paint chips, salt, and acidic bug residue. Your Clear Bra Kit comes with precut bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, and grille pieces for your vehicle. Keep your paint protected, while not changing the appearance of your vehicle. We also offer door cup, invisible bug guards, rear bumper guards, roof rack guards and headlight & tailing light protection fims.



Vehicle Inspections, Documentation & Photos

This service will include a condition reports for each vehicle that includes: 


○ Documentation of VIN & vehicle mileage

○ Notation of all options and equipment

○ Reviewing all options & operable functions for each

○ Recommended correction needed

○ Identification of value added options

○ Identification of basic mechanical conditions

○ Identification of common wear and tear items 

○ Fluid level checks and evaluation made on what needs attention

○ Completing inspection process and data entry in appropriate time frames

○ Digital photo collection to specific criteria guidelines

○ Test drive vehicles when applicable

○ Estimate repair costs and outsourcing as needed.


Vehicle Pick Up & Delivery

Detail Johnny offers vehicle pick up and delivery service. Let us handle your the logistics needs. Weather it be vehicle pick up, delivery or vehicle swap we can perform this task. This service is available within 1000 mile radius of Central New York at this time. We also offer vehicle shipping .


Additional Services


○ Apply paint to fabric, vinyl & leather to restore color

○ Carpet dye or replacment

○ Interior plastic repaint

○ Head Liner Replacement

○ Wet sanding & polishing

○ Block sanding to prepare body parts for paint

○ Window tint installation & window tint removal

 Ionize Interior Service - Ionizer removes oders from vehicles such as smoke, pet or oher unpleasent smells.

○ Service Washes - One of our team members will be assigned to your location to handle all services washes and detail  jobs. The customer will never know that it has been outsourced. We will provide all equpitment, supplies and training to ensure production and service levels are met.

○ Air Conditioning Treatment - completely eliminates the musky, wet smell that emanates from auto air conditioners by breaking down the mold and mildew. In the summer, when you run the air conditioner frequently, water condensation builds up in the evaporator core and serves as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.



Boat & Watercraft Detailing & Reconditioning


Basic Wash | New Boat Detailing

○ Wash inside and outside, clean hatches and compartments, clean and dry windows, and dry metal surfaces and apply coating of sealant to protect finish


Detail & Wash

○  Same as Basic Wash, plus polish all brightwork, acetone rubrails, remove mildew from seats and cushions


Premium Detail

○ Same as Detail Wash, plus condition seats and cushions, remove surface rust, clean canvas, and corrosion resistant spray working parts (not motors) 


Premium Wash & Wax

○  Same as Premium Wash, plus wax and buff outside of boat above waterline if in the water or what we can reach if       out of the water. This does NOT include barnacle removal


Premium Wash, Compound & Wax

○ Same as Premium Wash & Wax, plus Compound and Wax all gelcoat surfaces 


Compound & Wax (exterior only)

○ Compound & wax hull and topside. (Does not include interior cleaning.


Pontoon Polish

○ Clean and polish to mirror like finish 


Cabin Cleaning

○ Vacuum, deep cleaning walls and ceiling, clean mirrors, refrigerator, cabinets, counters, sinks, vinyl 


Engine Detailing 

○ Steam cleaning of engine compartment, engine and engine assembly and finish with sealant to protect



RV Detailing

Our RV detailing service will help maintain appearance and increase resale value. We offer several packages and also offer A La Carte services


Basic Wash includes a hand wash and dry, wheels cleaned & tires dress, exterior glass polished and all chrome work cleaned & polished


Deluxe Wash includes the basic wash plus paint sealent that protects the exterior surface for up to 6 months


Works Package includes the Deluxe Wash plus interior vacuum, glass cleaning and interior dusting


Premium Package is Detail Johnny's top of the line package that includes the works and includes steam cleaning, interior spot cleaning, vacumming, wheel polishing, head light restoration & glass treatment to aid in visability during rain or snow.


A La Carte Services:

○ Interior vacuum

○ Basic Interior Detailing

○ Deluxe Interior Detailing

○ Carpet Steam Cleaning

○ Windshield Treatment

○ Clean & Treat Awnings

○ Wheel Polishing

○ Viyle & Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

○ Detailing your tow vehicle


Looking to have Detail Johnny as your in house detailing team, call to discuss pricing & availablity.

We work within your budget and offer net 30 payments terms. 

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