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Wheel Detailing | Starting at $100 per set

Required Time | 4 Hours


Wheels removed from the vehicle in order to receive a proper cleaning. Wheels are washed with a ph neutral soap, application of iron removing treatment, clay bar treatment and finally polished to remove minor scratching and blemishes. Once wheel are conditioned, an application of wheel sealant is applied to protect your wheels from the harsh elements. We recommend upgrading to paint/wheel coating to protect your wheels with unparalled protection against brake dust, road grime and anything else you may encounter. Wheel coatings offer a durable high-gloss protection and typically lasts 9-12 months, Tires dressed with water based no-sling formula

Wheel coating | Add $100



Wheel Restoration | Starting at $200 per set

Required Time | 1 day



Do you have oxidized /uncoated wheels? Bare aluminum has a tendency to oxidize and become unsightly. We can restore them to a brilliant shine starting at $200 and includes wheel sealant to protect wheels from oxidation and tires are dressed with water based no-sling formula.

Wheel coating | Add $100



Wheel Painting | Starting at $800 per set

Wheel Powder Coating | Starting at $1000 per set

Required Time | 3-5 Days

Looking to change the look of your wheels? Add a custom color or restore your wheels to their previous glory? We offer wheel painting & powder coating service. Due to the complexity of today wheels and wheel condition;  tires are dismounted and stripped. Once wheels are stripped we can prepare your wheels for paint or powder coat then wheels are re-mounted and balanced.

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