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New Car Detailing | Starting at $300


Required Time - 1 to 2 Days 


Your brand new vehicle may have been sitting at a port or dealers lot for a great deal of time without any paint protection, exposing it to the elements. Detail Johnny will prep the new car so that it will be presented in a flawless condition. We will work with your dealership to arrange drop off and pick up. Please contact in advance so we can schedule a time to meet and discuss this service.


Only New Vehicles Are Eligible For This Package

○ Hand Wash With PH Balanced Soap

○ Acid free, PH neutral spray and wash to remove iron contamination exterior surfaces 

○ Exterior paint clay bar process to remove surface contamination

○ Exterior is hand washed again to remove any residue

○ Single Stage Paint Correction to remove minor paint defects

○ Paint Sealant Applied to Protect Paint

○ Full Interior cleaning and conditioning

○ Wheels & Tires are cleaned and polished & sealed

○ All Rubber Cleaned and Conditioned

○ Engine Bay Cleaned & Detailed

○ Lubricate Locks / Hinges

○ Tire Pressure Checked & Corrected


 Trucks | Large SUV - Additional $75

 Mini Vans - Additional $100


Total of  $600 included the above plus exterior and interior coatings

○ Protect your investment with a ceramic paint coating on the exterior and a full interior coating. Your paint will be even glossier and more depth while making maintenance a breeze. Dirt, water and any contamination just rinses off. Especially nice when winter weather is around. Snow and ice just slides off. Your interior will be protected from any stains and will retain its like new appearance.


Additional details can be found here regarding ceramic paint coatings.


* Prices Subjected To Vehicle Inspection

** Paint Correction Will Be Quoted At Time Of Visual Inspection At No Charge

*** Paint Protection Coating  & Glass Coating is available with this package | Starting at $300




Full Sanitation & Disinfecting service included at no
additional cost!
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