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Level 2 | Starting at $225

​This package is for the cost conscious client who wants to protect their automobile investment and keep it looking good without breaking the bank. A good hand wash & polish will restore your shine and topped with a sealant to protect. One of our most popular packages. 


Required Time - 1 day  | 2 days under certain circumstances

50 % Surface Defects Will Remain    

○ Hand Wash With PH Balanced Soap

○ Clay Bar Treatment
○ Paint Polished To Bring Back The Gloss & Depth (defects in paint will remain)
○ Paint Sealant Applied To Protect Paint
○ Wheels & Tires Cleaned & Dressed
○ Door Jambs Detailed
○ Trunk Area Cleaned
○ Interior Vacuumed
○ Windows Cleaned & Polished
○ Interior Plastics & Rubber Cleaned & Conditioned
○ Leather Seating Areas Cleaned & Conditioned

○ Lubricate Locks / Hinges
○ Tire Pressure Checked & Corrected

○ No paint correction will be achieved. Paint will be protected but surface imperfections will remain

* Prices subjected to vehicle inspection


Full Sanitation & Disinfecting service included at no
additional cost!
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