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Fleet Detailing & Maintanence


It can be difficult to find the time, manpower and the expertise to maintain you fleet vehicles. In order to ensure the life of your fleet and keep them in a pristine condition. Your choice is simple, contact Detail Johnny. We custom tailor a package to find your business needs & budget. Since your vehicles are needed during hours of operation, Our team will detail overnight and have it ready first thing in the morning ready for pickup or delivery. If the fleet vehicle can be serviced during the day, our staff can pickup and deliver at no extra charge! We offer customized reports so that your fleet manager and Detail Johnny can monitor which of your fleet vehicles still require detailing service and schedule accordingly. If you think fleet detailing is not in your budget, call us for a free no obligation consultation. We will do our best to come up with a package that is within your budget and offers the services you seek.


Dedication, Passion & Quality are the cornerstones of our success.


Expect nothing less when you contact Detail Johnny for your company's fleet maintenance needs.

Let us handle all your detail services and let you concentrate on your your business and customers.

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