Level 4 | Starting at $400

This package is for the true auto enthusiast who requires their vehicle to look the best at all times. Package includes 1 refresh service.  Entering your vehicle into a car show or special event? This package is for you!

This package is your you.

Required Time - 3 to 4 days

15% - 20% of Surface Defects Will Remain 

○ Hand Wash With PH Balanced Soap

○ Acid free, PH neutral spray & wash to remove iron contamination exterior surfaces 

○ Clay bar process to remove surface contamination

○ Exterior is hand washed  to remove any residue

○ Headlight Lens Reconditioned & Protectant Applied
○ Tires Scrubbed & Dressed
○ Wheels Removed Cleaned, Clay Bar Process & Sealant Applied
○ All Exterior Rubber Cleaned & Dressed
○ Wheel Well Cleaned & Dressed
○ Exterior Chrome Cleaned & Polished
○ Suspension Cleaned & Detailed
○ Brake Rotors, Calipers & Hoses Cleaned & Detailed
○ Full Trunk Detailing Including Spare Tire
○ Full Engine Detailing
○ Vacuuming & Cleaning Of Carpets & Floor Mats
○ Steam Cleaning Of Interior Surfaces
○ All Interior Rubber Cleaned, Scrubbed and Dressed
○ All Interior Glass Cleaned & Polished
○ All Switches, Handles and Levers Cleaned & Detailed
○ All Weatherstripping Cleaned & Conditioned
○ All Leather Area's Cleaned & Conditioned
○ Instrument Panel, Navigation Screen & Mirrors Cleaned & Polished
○ Steam Clean Vents
○ Headliner Cleaned
○ Odor removal performed
○ Carpet Protectant Applied
○ Application Of Rain Repellent Applied To All  Glass

○ Headlight restoration included 
○ All Locks & Hinges Cleaned & Lubricated
○ Tire Pressure Checked & Corrected
○ Corrective 3 stage machine polishing to remove paint defects, restore depth and shine. Paint correction will be performed to remove holograms, swirl marks, light etching and scratches. Surface will be left smooth .

Some areas will be wet sanded to achieve optimal finish. (some defects will remain)

○ Application of paint sealant to protect 

* Prices subjected to vehicle inspection 


Full Sanitation & Disinfecting service included at no
additional cost!


By Appoitment Only


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