Spring Detail Package - Starting at $250.00


Now that winter is over, it's time to think about preparing our vehicle for spring weather ahead. This package is designed to get vehicles cleaned, satirized and protected. According to experts, the cabin can be a haven for dust mites, mold and germs. Germs can hitch a ride on the places driver's touch with their hands, such as the radio, gear shift, keys and wheel.

Detail Johnny offers everything from a simple monthly maintenance program to a concourse level detailing. Paint Correction & Coating On Sale, contact for details.


Package includes the following and as always free consultation available, please call to schedule

Required Time | 6-8 Hours

○ Hand Wash
○ Paint Decontamination Bath
○ Clay Bar Treatment
○ 1 Step Paint Correction Treatment
○ Long Lasting Sealant Applied To All Exterior Surfaces
○ Complete Interior Deep Detailing & Conditioning
○ Steam Cleaning Of All Interior Surface Areas to Clean and Disinfect

○ Fabric and Carpet areas protected against salt stains
○ Stubborn Stains Will Be Address
○ Leather Will be Cleaned & Conditioned
○ Carpets & Floor Mats Deep Cleaned, Stains Removed & Fabric Protectant Applied
○ Engine Bay / Trunk Area Detailed
○ All Exterior Glass Treated with Glass Sealant For Ease of Driving
○ Wheels & Tires Deep Cleaned, Conditioned & Sealant Applied
○ Tire Pressure Checked & Corrected
○ Door, Lock & Hinges Are Cleaned and Lubricated
○ Wiper Fluid Topped Off


* Extra charge for vehicles with 3rd row seats and pet hair

** Defects in paint will remain, please call to discuss paint correction and scratch removal fee's

○ Wipers replaces (At cost)
○ Cabin Air Filter Replaced (At cost)
○ Removal of Snow Tires (Call to Discuss)

○ Lighting upgrades available (Call to Discuss)

Full Sanitation & Disinfecting service included at no
additional cost !

Monthly Refresh Service | Starting at $50 per visit per vehicle


Now that you had your vehicle professional detailed, you want to keep your investment protected and looking its best. Our Monthly Refresh Service is what you need. 


Must have Level 2 and above 1st to qualify for this package.


Time Requires | 2-4 hours


Package Includes:


Exterior Exterior Foam Bath  & Hand Wash With PH Balanced Shampoo

Long Lasting Sealer Applied To All Exterior Surfaces

Wheels & Tires Cleaned & Dress

Interior is Vacuumed, All Glass Is Polished, Surfaces Areas Wiped Down & Conditioned

Package Can Be Customized To Your Specific Needs


* Prices Subject To Change For Excessive Dirt OR Pet Hair


Full Sanitation & Disinfecting service included at no
additional cost !