Paint Protection Films


Detail Johnny offers paint protection films to protect your vehicles paint from flying debris, chips, salt damage and bug residue. We can also wrap your entire vehicle in a clear film to protect your vehicle from damage. Contact us for your specific application.


Available Kits:

○ Clear Bra

○ Door Cups

○ Clear Bug Guard

○ Rear Bumper 

○ Door Edge

○ Roof Rack

○ Headlights

○ Tail Lights

○ Fog Lamps

○ Third Brake Lights

○ Roll Cage

○ Light Bar Covers

○ Custom Applications



Headlight, Tail Light & Fog Lamp Protection Films


Want to give your vehicle an unique appearance without breaking the bank? Consider changing the look of your headlights, tail lights and driving lights. No only will you change the look but you will protect them from rock chips and damaging UV rays. Contact us for your specific application.






























Available Colors for Fog Light Films:

○ Gunsmoke

○ Pink

○ Tint

○ Yellow

○ Green

○ Clear

○ Blue

○ Amber

Available Colors for Headlight Films:

○ Yellow

○ Tint

○ Gunsmoke

○ Clear

○ Blue


Available Colors for Tail Light Films:

○ Tint

○ Smoke

○ Gunsmoke

○ Charcoal

○ Red

Motorcycle Protection Films


Example of motorcycle fims available is headlight covers, tank guards & side bag covers. You can use the same paint protection film that is used on thousands of cars to protect the front of your motorcycle. This strong and invisible film will protect your motorcycle from normal road abuse. You can eliminate chipped, scratched, and scuffed paint with our Full Paint Protection kits.


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