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Who Is Detail Johnny

For many years Detail Johnny was only known by a small number of car enthusiasts. While having been in business for over 20 years, we have only recently started advertising to the public. Before now, word of mouth was our only form of marketing. During these years in business, Detail Johnny has built up a strong reputation and positioned ourselves as a premier detailing service in Central New York. Dedication, Passion & Quality are the cornerstones of our success.


Detail Johnny believes quality is essential to a customer's satisfaction and with over 20 years of detailing experience, you can feel assured your vehicle will be detailed with the best quality products & techniques. Anyone can wash your vehicle but only a true professional can give your car the attention it deserves. With this in mind, We extend an invitation for you to experience excellence. From your daily driver to your show car, Detail Johnny does it all.  We are proud to offer late night, emergency, onsite detailing and pick up & delivery services.

All services are guaranteed and we are fully insured. 


​​Hours of Operation

Vehicles are accepted by appointment only. This may seem inconvenient but this level of personal service is what separates Detail Johnny from the rest. You and your vehicle are getting our undivided attention, no rush service. Detail Johnny is all about quality, not quantity. The results of our work speaks for itself. Drop off your car before going home for the evening and it will be ready for pick up the following morning. Detail Johnny also offer FREE pick up & delivery service and we now offer mobile detailing, please call to discuss and set up your appointment. 

You can email us by click here or you can call 315.699.5282 or 315.286.3868 with any questions or to book an appointment. Text messages are welcome. Please keep in mind that if may be difficult to answer when you call as we are servicing customers but we will respond by end of business.

What To Do Before Your Appointment


Before you make your appointment, we suggest stopping for a free consultation so we can discuss your needs and expectations. Please wash your vehicle before hand if possible so we can view the paint condition.


On the day of vehicle drop off, please try to be on-time as we have a schedule to adhere to. If your running late, please call or text with an ETA. Remove items from trunk area and any baby seats. We do know know what you want saved or what can be tossed. We work under the assumption that if it looks like trash, its trash.  Now, of course if we find something of value or something we are unsure about we put it aside. 


We do NOT open center console and glove box. EVER. Oddly, our most common complaint is that we "forgot" to clean the center console. If you want it cleaned, no problem. Just give us a heads up.

Exciting News!   Click on racing to learn more

Detail Johnny is proud to announce our

partnership with Spec13 Motorsports ! We’ll be around at

various events & get togethers, so be sure to stop out and

say hi, and see what swag you could get your hands on.


Just think, if we can keep these cars looking amazing,

you can only imagine what we could do with yours.


And for a limited time, take 10% off any detail service by

mentioning Spec13 Motorsports.


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